Why Your Construction Company Will Want To Work With Rival Drywall

We Understand That There Are 5 Main Categories You Look At When Comparing Drywall Companies

  • Pre Construction/ Quotes
  • Quality
  • Scheduling
  • Communication
  • Site conditions

On The Rest Of This Page We Will Break Down What We Do In Each Of These Categories To Ensure We Build A Long Term Business Relationship With All Of Our General Contractor and Builder Clients


How We Quote

We use the same system to quote every job so you won’t experience our prices creeping up once after working with us for a while. We price based off of estimated gross margin not per sheet.

Quality Work

We have established ourselves as one of the best drywall companies in Boulder County for high end residential projects by doing 3 things.

Fixing The Framing

Having a great high quality drywall finish doesn’t mean anything if the corners aren’t straight and the walls look like rolling hills. If its in your budget we will shave and shim the walls to get rid of the wavy look prior to hanging. Once we start hanging we will shim the corners to ensure straight inside corners.

Using The Right Crews For The Job

Our hand texture crews do nothing except for hand texture, our knockdown & orange peal crews do nothing but knockdown and orange peal. Before every project we have a production meeting and pick which crew will be best suited for the hanging and finishing for that specific job. Even though we have only been in business since 2021 most of our crews have been working in their specific area of drywall for 15+ years.

Never Saying Good Enough

When it comes to our custom projects and high end production projects we make never settle and call it “good enough”. We thoroughly inspect all of our jobs after completion and address any needed touch ups.


We understand customer service and communication can make or break a business relationship.

Just prior to starting any project over $5,000 one of our project managers will do a frame walk with someone from your team to ensure everyone is on the same page about exactly what is going to be done.

We have a company standard that calls, texts and emails are to be replied to within 1 hour. (during business hours)

Our owner Colin Stringer is available by phone 24/7 to help solve problems.


Daily Reports (in effect 8/28/23)

Every day M-F during your project you will receive an email at the end of each day with the following included.

  • Current plan for tomorow
  • Current project status
  • Estimated completion date
  • Any questions regarding the project


Being a new company we have learned the importance of staying on schedule the hard way. For our custom & production projects quality is always the top priority but staying on schedule is a close second. Before we deliver drywall we will send you a project schedule with a breakdown for each day and our completion date.

Cleanliness/site conditions

Drywall is a messy part of construction and we’re not going to pretend we’ve figure out how to eliminate that mess entirely but we have put a few policies in place that help keep an organized and reasonably clean job site.

Floor Covering

Finished Floor

All finished flooring (unless being demoed) must be covered with an adequate material, 4-6 mil plastic, Rosin paper or Ram Board. Soft/breakable finished floors must be covered with Ram Board.

Unfinished Floor (subfloor or concrete)

Unfinished floors that will be covered with flooring are only to be covered if requested by the client. Unfinished flooring that will remain exposed must be covered unless noted otherwise.


All projects over 25 sheets will be FULLY scrapped and swept prior to any mud or tape.

Job Site Cleanliness


All scraps are to be made into piles at the end of each day and the job site is to always be kept in a reasonably cleanly manor.


Boxes and tape scraps are to be made into piles at the end of each day and the job site is to always be kept in a reasonably cleanly manor.

Spray Crews

All non drywall surfaces that may be caught in overspray are to be fully masked prior to spraying start, after spraying masking materials are to be made into piles and the job site is to always be kept in a reasonably cleanly manor.

Final Clean

After completion all projects will have the floor scraped flush enough to put in flooring on top without issue, will be fully swept and any mud or over spray on finished non drywall surfaces will be fully cleaned off. If requested, the driveway/ exterior entry will be hosed off if the client provides a hose and water.

We Look Forward to Working With You

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