Medium Projects 150-500 Sheets

For projects between 150 & 500 sheets we charge a base price of $61 per 4×8 sheet or $73 per 4×12 sheet, this price includes supplying all material, hanging the drywall and finishing to a level 4 or finishing to a level 3 and applying knockdown or orange peal texture, disposing of all left over drywall and doing a basic construction clean.

Below is a list of things that will increase the price:

-Level 5: $15 per 8′ sheet or $25 per 12 foot sheet

-5/8 Drywall: + $4-5 per sheet

-Corner bead: $1 per foot

-High quantity of cuts: quote required

-Over 12′ ceiling: quote required

-Supply scaffolding: quote required

-Screws required more than every 8 inches: quote required

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